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Supplier Portal Documentation


What is the Onventis Supplier Portal?

The Onventis Supplier Portal offers B2B dealers, manufacturers and service providers a central company account with access to all their customers on the Onventis platform (formerly also “TradeCore”). In addition, you can create your own supplier profile as a trader or supplier. Via the supplier profile, potential customers have the possibility to find and contact you as a supplier in order to be able to connect with you as required.

The OSP provides suppliers with a central location for managing all customer relationships within the Onventis Network. All company-relevant information including master data, certificates, material groups and access rights are managed in a networked supplier portal.

Registration in the portal

You can log on to the Onventis platform as a vendor with an existing vendor account or as a new vendor without a vendor account.


Please make sure that only one company account is created for your company in the Onventis Supplier Portal. If you are unsure whether your company already has an account, you can check this in the Onventis Public Supplier Search: https://network.onventis.com/

Legally independent companies or foreign branches within a group structure require separate company accounts.

In the future, it will be possible to represent a group structure and its subsidiaries, so that it is no longer necessary to create separate accounts for them.

Supported languages

The Supplier Portal is available in 14 languages.

In addition to German and English, the Supplier Portal is also available for all suppliers in Czech, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish and Japanese. The language can be changed for each user at any time at the top right of the page.


Dashboard and main menu

After successful login, the dashboard is the central start page for each user in the Onventis Supplier Portal.

If you are logged in, you can access the dashboard from any page via the appropriate menu entry or the “Onventis Supplier Portal” application logo.

On the left side you will find the main menu, which can be opened and closed at any time by clicking on the menu icon.

A tile is displayed on the dashboard for each of your customers.

For each customer, the to-dos (e.g. open information requests) from the corresponding account are displayed and offer a direct jump into the task list in the stored supplier account.

Via the button < Open account> you can jump directly to the respective supplier account to edit the open to-dos there (e.g. answer inquiry).

A new browser tab is opened in the user’s browser and the user is automatically logged in with his user account.


As an administrator user, you can assign your employees to individual customers via the menu item “Customer administration“. This gives these employees access to the customer account and the corresponding customer tile is displayed in the dashboard for quick access to the supplier account.

You can return to the portal from the supplier account at any time via the link “ZUM PORTAL-DASHBOARD” in the user menu at the top right.

The first steps are displayed in the right sidebar. These include completing a supplier profile, adding a user, and adding a customer. Once you have completed the three steps, the area is hidden.

Customer administration

On the page “Customers” you can manage your customers on the Onventis platform and the corresponding supplier accounts. This page can only be accessed as a user with administrator rights.

In particular you can click here:

  • Give your users access to customers and make their contact details available to your customers as contact persons.
  • Add additional existing supplier accounts provided to you by customers to your central Onventis Supplier Portal company account.
  • If necessary, merge existing users from these supplier accounts with the portal user accounts.

Customer list

The customer list displays all customers from whom you have been provided with a vendor account and who you have linked to the OSP. If you authenticated yourself with an Onventis supplier account during registration, this customer is automatically linked to the portal.

The following information is displayed for each customer:

  • Customer: The name of the customer is determined from your Onventis supplier account at the time of linking.
  • System: The technical Onventis system on which the corresponding Onventis vendor account is located.
  • Users: Number of users assigned to this customer.

Special case “multi-customer account“:

If you have several customers in an Onventis Supplier Supplier Account, this will be marked as “Multi-Customer Account” in the customer list. This can be the case, for example, if your customer is organized in a group structure within which you have been created as a vendor for several subsidiary organizations.

By clicking on a customer entry, it is opened and you see a list of all customers connected to this supplier account.

Edit customer

You can use the following functions to process a customer:

  • Go to account (see the function <Go to account> on the dashboard)
  • Manage user assignments
  • Edit name: You can change the label for your customer in the Onventis Supplier Portal using the pen icon. A change only affects the display in the OSP interface and does not affect the Onventis supplier account or your customer³s system.
  • Remove customer link: The customer link is removed from the portal.

Manage User Assignment

If you click on the user icon, you will be taken to a the User Assignments page where you can give your users access to a customer or supplier account or make their details available as contact persons to individual customers.

Special case: Supplier account with existing users

As long as there are additional, previously created user accounts in the supplier account which have not yet been transferred to the Onventis Supplier Portal, a warning symbol appears in the customer list instead of the user icon.

By clicking on the icon, you will be taken to a page where you can link or delete the previous user accounts. For details, see the Customer User Assignment page in the corresponding section.

Add customer

When a customer adds you as a supplier and provides you with system access, you receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to add the customer to your portal.

If you have existing customers on the Onventis Network, you can also ask them to resend you the system access in order to connect to with them.

Add supplier account via access data

If you still have user names and passwords to the supplier account of an Onventis customer from the time before the Onventis Supplier Portal, you can link this to your company account in the Onventis Supplier Portal using the corresponding button below the customer list.

For this, you have to enter the following data:

  • Server (URL): Select the Onventis system used by your customer from the list. You can recognize the system by the URL that is displayed in the address bar of your browser when you access the corresponding supplier account.
  • User name: User name with the of your supplier account (not your login to the Onventis Supplier Portal!).
    • The username has been sent to you by your customer via e-mail. If you do not have it, you can request the user name when logging in to the supplier account, stating the e-mail address used. Alternatively, you can ask your customer to send you the access data again.
  • Password: The corresponding password.
    • If you have forgotten this password, you can also reset it when logging in to the supplier account by entering the user name.

If the entered data is correct, the corresponding Onventis supplier account will be linked and will appear as “customer” in your customer list.

If additional users were created in the supplier account, they can now be imported or merged with the Onventis Supplier Portal (see section Manage User Assignments).

Connection requests

In the right sidebar of the customer administration you will find different types of connection requests from and to your customers:

Incoming Connection Requests

When a new customer adds you to their supplier master as a supplier and you are granted system access, all “Administrator” users receive a notification e-mail.

A connection request appears in the customer administration, which you can confirm by clicking “ADD” or reject by clicking “REMOVE REQUEST”. After adding, the customer appears in your customer list and you can make further settings. If you remove the request, your customer will not be informed about this.

Registration Invitations

If an Onventis customer invites your company to apply as a supplier (also called “registration”), all administrators will receive an email.

Click on the “Register” button in the corresponding entry in the “Registration invitations” section to access the customer’s pre-filled registration form. After submitting the registration and until confirmation by the customer, an entry will appear in the “Pending Registrations” section.

Pending Registrations

If you have registered in the procurement solution of an Onventis customer, these need to be confirmed by the customer next. Until confirmation, the registration will be listed as open in the “Pending Registrations ” section.

What does “linked” mean?

If you add an Onventis supplier account to your Onventis Supplier Portal (OSP) company account, this is linked with your OSP company account. This saves in the system that the supplier account and the OSP company account are “related” and represent the same legal entity.

Your company master data, as stored in the OSP, will be automatically updated in all the linked supplier accounts from this point in time. You can also manage user accounts for all Onventis suppliers centrally. The corresponding functions are blocked in the Onventis supplier account.

The individual user accounts from supplier account and OSP are also linked together: When linking an Onventis supplier account, the primary user is also linked with your OSP user account. This means that the user accounts are “related” and represent the same person. Your personal data from the OSP are automatically updated in all linked user accounts in the Onventis supplier account.


By clicking on the user icon in the customer administration you reach the customer-user assignment page, where you can give your users access to a customer respectively supplier account and provide the contact data of selected users to your customers as contact persons.

Give users access to customers

In the user list on the left side you can select from your users those who should have access to this customer. You can also change the customer administrator, who is the “responsible user” of your customer’s account, for this supplier account.

  • Users: Any number of users can be assigned to each customer. An assignment is made by setting the respective checkbox.
  • Main user: One main user must be assigned to each customer. As long as the user is the main user, this customer assignment of this user cannot be removed. An assignment is made by setting the radio button.

If required, you can add further users in the OSP user administration.

Sharing users as contact persons

On the right side of the list, you can select the users whose contact details are to be made available to your customers as contact persons. The responsible supplier managers on the customer side are informed about the availability of the contact data.

All changes in the user or contact person assignment are immediately saved.

Customer Administration:

Customer User Assignment page:

User request by the customer

From the customer side supplier management, users of Onventis Buyer can request a system access to their system (i.e. their requests, orders, etc.) for their known contact persons of the supplier which are stored in their system.

Users have the option of requesting system access from the vendor or creating the system access directly.

Variant 1: Requesting system access

When a customer’s user requests his supplier to create a system access for a user, the administrators of the company account in the Onventis Supplier Portal are notified about this customer request and can process it on the Customers page.

The following options are available in the Portal:

  • Create user: Create the requested contact person as a new user using the data provided by the customer. The user is then assigned to the customer as a contact person and has system access to the supplier account with this customer. He or she receives an e-mail with a link through which he or she can set a password and access the customer via the portal.
  • Link user: If the contact person requested by your customer already has a user account in the Onventis Supplier Portal (possibly with a different e-mail address), you can simply select this account when processing the request. If he or she does not yet have system access to the customer or has not yet been assigned as a contact person, these assignments are then created.
  • Assign user: If the access request refers to a contact person who has been provided by the supplier via the Portal but does not yet have system access, the option to assign the existing user to the customer as a user and a contact is displayed instead of the above options. This releases the user as a contact person and gives him system access.
  • Dismiss request: If you do not want to create this contact person (for example, because the person does not belong to your company), you can dismiss the request. Since your customer is not automatically informed of this, we recommend that you contact your contact person at your customer.

As soon as the contact person has been assigned, the responsible vendor managers on the customer side are informed of this by e-mail.

Variant 2: Creation of system access by the customer

If a supplier organization does not have access to the company account in the Onventis Supplier Portal, users of Onventis Buyer also have the option of directly creating a system access for one of their contact persons.

In case a user account does not yet exist in the portal for this contact person (recognized by the e-mail address), the user account is created and assigned to this customer. The user account does not receive administrator rights and can therefore only access the assigned customer and not other internal data in the supplier’s company account.

All administrator users of the supplier company account are informed about the request and the creation of the user. They can make further user settings if necessary.

Special Case: Supplier Account with Additional Users

As long as there exist other, previously created user accounts in the supplier account that have not yet been transferred to the Onventis Supplier Portal, a hint symbol appears in the customer list instead of the user icon.

In this case, the user assignment page cannot be accessed. Instead, these user accounts must first be reviewed and either merged with the portal or removed.

By clicking on the blue hint symbol, you reach a page on which you can remove (“Delete”) or reuse each previous user account.

To be able to continue to use the user account, you must connect it to the portal. Using the “Merge” option, you can decide whether you want to create a new portal user account for the previous account or link it to an existing portal user account.

  • If you have not yet created a portal user account for the user, select “Merge” (chain icon) and in the following dialog select the option “Create new Portal user account”.When creating a new user in the Onventis Supplier Portal, he will be automatically notified by e-mail and requested to set his personal password. If you configure the user as “Administrator”, he gets full access to your company account. Otherwise, the user will only have access to the assigned customer(s).
  • If an existing user account from the supplier account is no longer needed, you can delete it by clicking on the trash can icon.

As soon as all previous users have been either connected or deleted to the portal, you will be taken to the “Manage user assignments” page, where you can assign further portal users to your customer if desired (see the “Manage user assignments” section).

Company data

Administer company data

In the “Company data” section you centrally manage your company master data such as company name, contact data, company language and company numbers. Your advantage: The company master data is now stored centrally in a portal company account and can be made available to all your customers simultaneously when updating.

Currently, it is only possible to enter a central address for your organization. It is not yet possible to map any branches and subsidiaries and their addresses. When publishing company data, each customer is assigned the same supplier address. The “Company data” page can only be accessed as a user with administrator rights.

Change and save company data

The Company Data area is divided into four sections. Each section can be changed and saved separately from the others. Saving is immediately effective and published in your OSP supplier profile.

Once you have linked your central portal company account to a supplier account of your customer, organizational master data can no longer be changed in the master data management of that Onventis supplier account. The system informs you that the master data is now managed centrally in the OSP.

After changing and saving the company master data, you should make the updated data available to your customers in Onventis Buyer.

Provide company master data to all customers

If you have not made any changes to your company master data since it was last made available and have not added any new customers, you will see the following message in the right sidebar.

After initial registration in the OSP and as soon as you have made and saved changes in the master data, the button <Provide master data> is active and can be used by you.

When the button <Publish master data> is called up, the following dialog appears (see right).

If you have chosen <Publish>, your master data will be updated in the organizational data of all your customers.

In addition, your customers will be informed:

An automatically generated e-mail is sent to all customers with an overview of the updated supplier master data and a link to transfer the data directly into their supplier management in Onventis Buyer.

In the supplier management of your customer in Onventis Buyer, the entry for your company is marked as “Updated”. The data can be checked and accepted or rejected by the customer by selecting the links on a separate page.

The data can be accepted or rejected after verification by the customer.

User management

User administration in the main menu

The user administration of the Onventis Supplier Portal enables the creation, editing and deletion of users.

The user administration is called centrally from the main menu. This page can only be called as a user with administrator rights.


Use Customer Administration to import existing user accounts from your various Onventis supplier accounts or assign new supplier portal user accounts to your customers.

User list

The user list contains all users of your company account and displays them in a list with the following information:

  • Name and E-Mail (Login)
  • Assigned user role(s)
  • Time of last login, if available
    Number of customers assigned to this user account

Edit user

A mouse click on a user’s entry in the user list opens the user detail view.

  • Access data: If the e-mail address of a user is to be changed, it must be confirmed again. After you have entered a new e-mail address, the user receives a notification e-mail to both the old and the new address. The email to the new address contains a link that must be clicked to confirm the change. The new e-mail address is only active after confirmation. As long as the change is not confirmed, both the administrator and the user can cancel the change.
  • Personal data: First name, last name and the position of the user in the company can be edited here.
  • Position: Here you can enter the position of the user in your supplier organization.
  • User role: You can assign or remove user roles to a user. Currently possible selection: “Standard user” and “Administrator” by setting and removing the checkbox (see also chapter 9.5).
  • Display language: The language can only be changed by the user himself.
  • Assigned customers: Here you can see the customers assigned to the user. The assignments can be adapted in the customer administration.
  • Send invitation again: You can resend the invitation e-mail to users who have been invited by you and have not yet completed the user registration.

Create user

You can create a new user directly from the list view. Select the button <Create user> in the user list. Create the new user in the following dialog window.

To do this, you have to enter the e-mail address of the user, his first and last name and optionally his position in the company. You can also specify whether the user is to be assigned the role of administrator for the company account.

After the user has been created, he or she receives an e-mail informing him or her that you have created a user account for him or her in the Onventis Supplier Portal. Using a link in the e-mail, he or she can select his or her own password for the user account.


Do not forget after creating a user: In order for the new user to have access to supplier accounts, you must assign the respective customers to him in the customer administration.

Delete user

In the user list for the corresponding account, select the menu icon with a mouse click.

In the dropdown field, click on the DELETE function.

In the dialog box that now opens, confirm the deletion by clicking on DELETE again. Then the user account is deleted.

  • The deletion is carried out centrally for all supplier accounts which were assigned to this user via the customer administration.
  • The user access is removed by this, but a record remains stored in order to be able to assign actions of this user from the past if necessary.
  • Since a user must be assigned to each of your supplier accounts with your customers as a “customer administrator”, a user who is an administrator cannot be deleted. If necessary, assign another user as customer administrator in the customer administration in order to be able to delete the user afterwards.


Note that a deleted user cannot currently be recreated with the same e-mail address.

User roles

A user can be assigned roles that determine which areas he or she can access in the Onventis Supplier Portal. There are currently two user roles. The standard user and the administrator.

  • Standard users: Users who are not assigned a specific role are referred to as standard users. After login, they have access to the main menu items Dashboard and Supplier Profile. In the dashboard you see all customers who have been assigned to their user accounts by an administrator in the customer administration. The supplier profile can only be used in read mode.
  • Administrators: Users with the Administrator role have full access to the portal company account. In addition to the rights of the standard user, you can:
    • Change the company data
    • Edit the vendor profile
    • manage customers and grant and revoke access to these customers to users (including their own administrator user)
    • Add, change and delete users.
    • Administrators can turn both standard users into administrators and administrators into standard users. There must be at least one administrator per OSP account and any number of additional users can be made administrators in the user administration. Administrators cannot downgrade themselves to a standard user.

Further roles are in preparation.


Our PREMIUM suppliers have access to the “Analytics” area, where they can evaluate the volume of incoming orders per customer over the last 13 months.

The function is in beta stage, full functionality is not yet guaranteed. Feedback via the feedback function in the right sidebar is welcome.

For each customer linked to the Onventis Supplier Portal, they can analyze the transactions via a data report of incoming orders for the last 13 months. They can also download this data report of incoming orders as an Excel file and as a PDF file.


There are no additional costs for the registration and use of the Onventis Supplier Portal. In the free “CONNECT” subscription, which each registered company automatically receives, all basic functions for cooperation with customers in the Onventis Network are already included. Optionally, further paid subscriptions can be concluded, which offer additional added value.

Available subscriptions

The following subscription levels are currently available:

  • CONNECT“: Basic offer with all functions for cooperation with Onventis customers, in particular central customer administration, user and access administration and supplier profile.
  • PROMOTE“: Additional promotion package with extended supplier profile areas title picture, slogan, product gallery, customer references and individual links as well as guaranteed findability in the public supplier search.
  • PREMIUM“: Individual package that includes the provision of static or dynamic product catalogs or EDI integrations with backend systems as required. In addition, an order entry report is activated in the Analytics area (see Chapter 11).

*Note: Currently all registered suppliers can be found via the public search. Soon only PROMOTE and PREMIUM profiles will be displayed there. Our Onventis Buyer customers will be able to find all supplier profiles permanently from their application.

Subscription management

The current subscription status and subscription options are displayed on the “Subscriptions” page. Subscription management and subscription ordering are only available to users with “Administrator” rights.

The current subscription is displayed in the “Subscription status” area.

  • By default, the free “CONNECT” subscription is active, which has no fixed term.
  • With an online booked “PROMOTE” subscription the current subscription running time and information are represented to the extension.
  • The “PREMIUM” subscription is part of individual offers and cannot be managed online.

In the “Invoice information” area, the stored information on invoicing is stored by Onventis. Below, all subscription levels are listed in tabular form with the respective services included. At PROMOTE, a button leads to online ordering.

Subscription “PROMOTE”

Click on <NEXT> in the “PROMOTE” column of the subscription overview on the “Subscriptions” page to go to the ordering process. Here you can select the subscription term (12 or 36 months) and enter your billing information. Payment can be made by direct debit or by invoice. After placing your order, you will receive a PDF order confirmation by e-mail.

Each company has one free trial month at its disposal. If the subscription is not cancelled by the end of the trial month, it will be extended by the selected term. After the start of the paid subscription, the total amount for one subscription term is due at the beginning of the term. You will receive a PDF invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address provided during the ordering process.

Note: Currently, online ordering is only available to companies whose registered office is located in the SEPA payment area.

Supplier Profile

With the Supplier Portal the possibility was created for you as a supplier to design a public supplier profile, the so-called supplier profile. This profile is automatically published in the Onventis Cloud Procurement Network and can be found via the new supplier search in the procurement solution Onventis Buyer as well as in the new public Onventis supplier search.

Maintain supplier profile

In principle, any organization registered in the OSP can create a profile and enter its company master data here. Only the user role “Administrator” can edit the supplier profile.

On the supplier profile, information about the company can be stored in various areas, which are shown in the following list. Individual areas that are only available to companies with a “PROMOTE” or “PREMIUM” subscription are marked with an asterisk (*):

  • Title wallpaper*
  • Company logo
  • Company name + suffix
  • Slogan*
  • Contact details and contact persons
  • Basic data
  • Legal information
  • Brief description of the company
  • Product and Service Gallery*
  • Product and service categories (eCl@ss)
  • Delivery and service areas
  • Customer References*
  • certificates
  • eProcurement Integration
  • Links*
  • Public link to profile

The better and more complete this information is maintained, the better your organization can be found in the Onventis Cloud Procurement Network.

Advantages of the supplier profile

For suppliers, the supplier profile serves the external presentation of their own organization and the searchability in the Onventis supplier network. For purchasing companies, it is possible to identify new suppliers in the Onventis procurement network in addition to searching for already added suppliers in the supplier master.

A supplier can be contacted directly via the contact data as well as via a contact form and added to the customer supplier base in Onventis Buyer at the push of a button.

Supplier Profile within the Onventis Buyer Supplier Network Search (internal)

In the procurement solution “Onventis Buyer”, purchasing organizations can select the function “Search the supplier network” in the central search field. The prerequisite for using this feature is the activation of the corresponding license. This can be used to find supplier profiles that have been created.

On the search result page, all suppliers are listed whose information in the supplier profile (e.g. name, location, description, eCl@ss product groups) returns suitable results for the search query. Here a customer can get an overview of potential new suppliers and add them to his supplier master data at the push of a button.

Supplier profile in the Onventis Public Supplier Search (external)

A supplier profile can also be found via the “Onventis Public Supplier Search”. This publicly accessible search is included on the following Onventis website: https://network.onventis.com/