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Import Templates

All import templates for Excel imports of master data, transactional data and catalog data into Onventis Buyer are listed below.

Data protection notice

Until they are filled with data, the templates available on this page are classified as publicmission-critical and highly available.

Once the templates are filled with data, they may contain personal data and are then classified as confidentialmission-critical and with standard availability.

Confidential means that access is only allowed to named persons (e.g. protected by username and password).

Mission-critical means that the authors and those who are authorized to change the data are known persons.

Standard availability means that the data can be stored on devices that are not highly available.

Interface configuration

We are always working on further development and improvement of our software. Thus, new information may also become necessary at any time in the form of new columns that can be imported and exported via interfaces. To prevent possible errors here, it is extremely important that interfaces do not rely on a fixed sequence of columns but read out the data via the unique column names as they are robust against changes.

We will inform you about extensions of the templates or any other changes in our release notes at an early stage.

Master data import templates

Catalog data import templates

Dynamic / Transactional data import templates