1. Onventis Invoice Processing 2022.3

Onventis Invoice Processing 2022.3

Release date Test: Saturday, 2nd of July 2022

Release date Production: Saturday, 16th of July 2022

Automatic administration (legal entity) recognition

Our successful OCR-as-a-Service module has been extended with the functionality to fully automatically distinguish invoices per legal entity. In our Onventis Invoice Processing Module it is also called administrations. This means that incoming invoices from different administrations no longer need to be manually separated into separate sub folders and/or email inboxes before they are imported into Onventis Invoice Processing.

This new functionality saves accounts payable departments, with more than 1 administration, a lot of time. This will save costs and gives the invoice handling process a huge efficiency boost.

The functionality is implemented by our professionals based on an analysis of the specific customer situation. For customers who do not use this functionality there will be no changes to the current operation of the system. There will only be a new role – Company matching rules manager – available which does not have to be used in this case.

Ready for taking the next step in automating your invoice processing? Simply click on the button below, fill in the requested information and we will be happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Exporting documents

Previously, it was possible to generate an export of invoice documents per administration. This way you could export all documents belonging to all invoice transactions within an administration. However, there was no possibility to filter the export based on e.g. supplier or all invoices within a certain period. For this reason we have completely rebuilt this functionality and integrated it into the transaction archive. This has the advantage that you can use the existing filtering possibilities within the archive to show a filtered set of invoice transactions, or transactions from any other document type, before exporting. If you then click on the new Export Documents button, only the documents from the filtered set of transactions will be exported:

For example, you can only export documents from transactions posted to a particular cost center or general ledger account. Another example is being able to export all invoice documents from a particular supplier in a particular period. All existing filter options within the archive can be used to filter the set of transactions. When clicking on the Export Documents button, at all times only the set of transactions that you have filtered yourself will be exported.

If you press the button you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the .zip file with the documents. This link is only valid for a limited time for security reasons. An e-mail is sent from the application to the e-mail address that is linked to the currently logged in user who presses the button. In consultation with Onventis you can even determine the structure of the .zip file yourself as well as the naming of the documents within the .zip file in order to keep it as manageable as possible.

This is a great extension to the Onventis Invoice Processing application, made possible by the input of our existing customers. This functionality can be made available by making a request using the button below. After the request, one of our consultants will contact you for an analysis, so that an estimate can be issued. After the agreement, a plan will be made to add the functionality in a timely manner and configure it in your environment.

Shared mailbox

Currently it is already possible to use a Shared mailbox through a regular IMAP connection. Partly because Office 365 OAuth 2.0 is being used more and more, we have now made two additions in the screen where you can configure the import from an email box. You can now indicate in a checkbox whether you want to use a Shared mailbox or not. Directly below that you can enter the name of the Shared mailbox, to indicate which one should be connected. The screen to configure the mailbox remains, as it is now, available for the administrator(s) of the application.

OCR improvements

Onventis has made a number of visible and invisible improvements to OCR and its use in this release:

– We have limited the maximum size of a file to 80MB. We have done this because in some cases we have seen that files larger than 100MB with more than 100 pages were sent to the OCR where there is a high probability that these requests run into a so-called timeout because of this size.

– Onventis has also tightened up the monitoring on receiving OCR results. If these, for example, generate an error message it is ensured that this message is correctly captured and processed. A correct feedback follows which can be seen in the OCR status of the transaction in the worklist.

– Previously we stored all words and elements found by the OCR on an invoice in a certain table. In practice we never need all words and/or elements for recognition. We need only those that are relevant for booking an invoice. From now on we will only store the relevant recognized data which will result in an optimization of the processing speed. As a result, the OCR data is processed faster and therefore performance is optimized.


We would like to inform you about the dates of the upcoming new releases. This way you can already take this into account and reserve your test work in time.

  • Release 2022.4
    • Release date Test: 10th of September 2022
    • Release date Production: 24th of September 2022
  • Release 2022.5
    • Release date Test: 19th of November 2022
    • Release date Production: 3th of December 2022
  • Release 2023.1
    • Release date Test: 28th of January 2023
    • Release date Production: 11th of February 2023