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Supplier Registration

Registration in the Supplier Portal

This chapter contains a description of the various entry options for supplier registration in the Onventis Supplier Portal.

In general, both suppliers with an existing supplier account and new suppliers who do not yet have a supplier account for a customer’s procurement solution can register.

Entry points for registration

This section describes possible first touch points with the Onventis Supplier Portal. You can also use this link to enter the registration process directly at any time: https://supplier.onventis.com/register

A customer sends you an invitation e-mail containing a portal link through which they can connect to their customer.

To add this customer to your portal or to register your company on the portal, select the link “Connect to your customer”. You will be redirected to the OSP.

If you create a new access to the portal (button <New Registration>), you will be automatically identified and forwarded to registration step 2 “Personal data”.

If you have already registered in the portal with your company, e.g. for another customer, select the button <Login>.

You will be redirected to the login screen of the portal and after successful login you can add the customer to your customer list.

Information window (system message) when logging in to the previous supplier account

When logging in to your customer’s previous supplier account, a system message is displayed as a pop-up window if this supplier account has not yet been linked to the OSP.

Option 1:

Click on <Register> on the system message:
The OSP registration process starts. In the registration process you can also link the customer to your new OSP account.

Option 2:

Click on <Add customer to portal>:
If you have already created an account in the OSP, you can link the supplier account of your customer with your OSP account by Login with your portal user data.

Registration in 4 steps

You can register as a company with the Onventis Supplier Portal in four simple steps using an existing supplier access provided to you by a customer on the Onventis platform.

  1. Identification
  2. Personal Data
  3. Email Validation
  4. Company Data

Please make sure that only one company account is created for your company at the Onventis Supplier Portal. If you are unsure whether your company already has an account, please contact us.

Legally independent companies within a group structure require separate company accounts.

You can register as a company on the Onventis Supplier Portal in four simple steps using an existing supplier access, which has been provided to you by a customer on the Onventis platform.

Select the button <Register with existing account> on the start page of the registration.

Step 1 – Identification

In the first step, you identify your existing supplier account on the Onventis platform, from which the relevant data is transferred in the further course. The specified supplier account will also be linked to your new supplier portal account so that you can manage it centrally in the future.

If you or your company has access to multiple supplier accounts on the Onventis platform (“TradeCore”), you can register for the Onventis Supplier Portal using any of these accounts. Your other supplier accounts can be linked to your portal account after registration.

Enter the following information for identification:

  • Internet address (URL): From the list, select the Internet address which you are currently using to access your existing supplier account. If you click on a link in a notification email you received from your Onventis customer, you will find the corresponding address in your browser address bar.
  • Username: Please enter the username you received from your Onventis customer as access data.
  • Password: In the Password field, enter the password which you either received or set yourself in order to access this account.

If you no longer know your user name or password, you can use the “Forgot your access data” function in the login screen for your existing Onventis supplier account. After entering your email address you will receive a link that will allow you to set a new password.

If you have received an invitation by e-mail and click on the link in this invitation, you do not need to select the Onventis system name (URL). Your user name is also prefilled. All you have to do is enter the password.

Afterward, click on “CONTINUE” to identify your supplier access and continue with the registration.

Only the “super admin” (primary user) of an Onventis Supplier account can register a company. Usually, this is the username provided to you by your customer. If you have created other employees as users in your supplier account, registration must be performed by the super admin (main user).

Step 2 – Personal Data

In order to create a new central user account in the Onventis Supplier Portal, you must enter your personal data in the next step. Subsequently, you use this account to register your business.

Once the registration process is complete, you can easily add more users to your company account and assign individual access rights to your colleagues.

The following data can be specified:

  • Name and surname
  • Your position within your company (optional)
  • Your personal company e-mail address, which will also be your user name for the Onventis Supplier Portal. A validation email will then be sent to this address.
  • Your (new) personal password

The form data is copied from the data of your existing supplier account, which you specified in the previous step, if available.

You must also accept the Onventis Supplier Portal Privacy Policy. Additionally, by clicking on a special “Captcha” test field it will be checked that the registration is not performed by an automated program.

To create your personal user account and continue with the registration, click on “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”.

Step 3 – Email Validation

After completing the previous step, the system sends you an email in order to prevent misuse. Please check your email account, including the spam folder if applicable, for an email from Onventis and click on the included link. This will validate your email address and allow you to proceed with the registration process by clicking “Next”.

In an intermediate step, you will be asked to authenticate yourself with the previously validated e-mail address and the password set in step 1.

Step 4 – Company Data

In step 4, “Company data”, enter the company name, address and other data about your company.

The fields are prefilled with the data of your existing Onventis supplier account, as in step 2. If necessary, these must be corrected or, for example, the format of the telephone number must be adapted.

Confirm the General Terms and Conditions of Onventis and complete the registration by clicking the corresponding button.

Step 4 – Sales tax identification number (special case)

When the VAT identification number is entered, a check is made to see whether this number has already been registered and an automatic duplicate check of the users registered in the portal is carried out.

If a company with the same number has already registered in the Onventis network, you will receive a message in the input field.

Should you nevertheless continue the registration by clicking the button <Complete registration>, the following dialog will give you the opportunity to contact the administrator of the existing company account by message.

If a company does not have a VAT ID, the registration can also be carried out without this information. For this purpose, the corresponding checkmark must be set.

Confirmation by e-mail

After completion of the registration, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

You are now officially part of the Onventis Network. In the next steps, you can create more users in your company and give them access to the Supplier Portal. You can link the supplier accounts of other existing customers using customer administration and assign them to your employees. In addition, you can now start maintaining your supplier profile and enrich it with interesting information about your company.

Registration from a request (RFX) or a bid invitation

Customer request by e-mail

For example, your customer sends a request or RFx to the e-mail address of a new supplier.

This e-mail contains a self-registration link. Select the link “To registration” here.

Self-registration with a customer

You are taken to self-registration in the inviting customer’s Onventis system and now have the option of registering in your customer’s system or, if you have already registered in the OSP, transferring the data stored there.

Button <Next>: Here you will be guided through the forms of the supplier self-registration and can, for example, enter information about your company data, contact persons and material groups. After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After checking and adding your data to his supplier master data, your customer will send you a separate e-mail with a portal link with which you can link to your customer in the OSP (see entry points to the OSP registration). After calling this link, you have to register once again in the OSP. In the OSP registration process, the supplier data already stored in the customer system is transferred. After successful registration in the Supplier Portal, your customer is automatically added to your portal customer list.

Button <Transfer data>: You will be guided to the login of the OSP. After successful login, your data stored in the Supplier Portal will be transferred to the customer. As soon as the customer transfers this data to his supplier master, your customer is automatically added to your customer list in the OSP.